This Is What Happens When You Date UFC Savage Mark Hunt’s ‘Daughter’

This Is What Happens When You Date UFC Savage Mark Hunt’s ‘Daughter’

He may be smiling in a lot of the content he produces on social media, but make no mistake: Mark Hunt is one bad man! The ‘King of Walk-Offs’ rose to fame the PRIDE and DREAM fighting competitions where, as a heavyweight, he took down big names like Mirko Cro Cop and Wanderlei Silva. A staple of the sport since 2004, Hunt is still one of the most revered names to grace the heavyweight division.

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Hunt is known for having one of the best chins in the sport, often backing himself to cop several whacks whilst dishing out his own punishment. His short stature by Heavyweight standards is countered by incredible thickness in his 120kg frame meaning he stands strong and maintains good balance through his fights.

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Hunt reportedly got his start after drawing attention to himself during a fight outside a nightclub prompting an invitation from one of the bouncers to come to train with him. Putting a troubled past behind him, Hunt embarked on a meteoric rise, seeing him compete with the world’s best at the top level.

His intimidating size and look are the basis for this comedic clip that came out last year. A young man is finally taking steps to meet his girlfriend’s old man for the first time. She is timid towards the idea, saying that it may not be time just yet, but the guy protests, saying that four years is long enough before meeting the parents.

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As the door to the house opens and Hunt appears the guy’s minds flashes to Hunt’s highlight real with his own face superimposed as the recipient of several knockout blows. Intimidated, he runs off and father and daughter shake their heads at another boy scared off.

Check out the hilarious action on the player below.