Wannabe tough guy picks fight with the wrong bouncer

Wannabe tough guy picks fight with the wrong bouncer

These days its pretty uncommon to hear about a fight outside a nightclub given nightclubs are closed all over the world due to the global pandemic.

Anyway, when restrictions start to open up I’m sure we’ll see a flood of these types of stories yet again. But it’s usually a bad idea to pick a fight with a bouncer. When people start fights with bouncers they are usually under the influence of something. Combine that with the fact that the bouncers are usually HUGE and trained to handle this sort of idiocy, it just doesn’t make sense to be picking fights like that.

Today’s video shows just how bad things can unfold for our wannabe tough guy. He probably won’t make the same mistake again.

The video begins with the shirtless bloke walking across the road, attempting to pick a fight with the bearded, bald-headed bouncer who’s standing on the other side.

As he gets closer it becomes ever more apparent that he’s at a major size disadvantage compared to the bouncer, the approximate equivalent of a welterweight trying to fight a heavyweight.

Nearby bystanders warn the bloke to not fight him, but he ignores them all and tries to throw a fake punch at the bouncer. At this point there was no backing down and the two get into a proper fight. Our mate tries to feel out the bouncer with a few jabs before throwing a wild haymaker that misses the target all together.

Bounce then looks at the opening, throws a counter and immediately drops the guy.

The bouncer could easily have continued to pound him after laying him out, but decided to hold back.

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