50 Cent Punches Super Aggressive Female Fan

50 Cent Punches Super Aggressive Female Fan

Superstar rapper 50 Cent has had his fair share of controversy over his 20-year career. The man whose real name is Curtis Jackson has been shot, had financial difficulties and even recently developed a trademark slogan that seems to advocate gun violence. His recent social media stoush with boxer Floyd Mayweather saw his social relevance called into question. But there was an incident in 2017 that we can’t believe wasn’t bigger news.

Credit: TMZ

The incident occurred at one of Jackson’s gigs where from the safety of the stage, the rap star leaned over to greet fans in the front row. Now, excitable fans who have a few under the belt can’t be trusted, especially crazed females who idolise the man.

As Jackson takes her by the hand, she seems to aggressively pull the star into the crowd. Known as the Donald Trump Technique, the rapper is immediately off balance and falls forward. The trouble is, his violent instincts kick in and he throws a punch at the woman, connecting with her chest.

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His security team swarm the area, getting between the rapper and the fan. They begin to cart her off to eject her from the venue. Fiddy jumps back on stage, to a re-greet his now-shocked audience. He seems to regret his action almost immediately, inviting the woman on stage to dance along to the show. She twerks and bounces around to the music much to the delight of her new fans.

The split-second decision to throw the punch happened in the heat of the moment and there really don’t appear to have been any ill-effects from the strike. At the end of the day, how many people can say they’ve been punched by 50 Cent? Okay, probably hundreds. But still, a great story to tell!

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Check out the shocking incident below.