Dude Smacks A Racist Donald Trump Supporter Into Next Week

Dude Smacks A Racist Donald Trump Supporter Into Next Week

We love a good neighbourly argument. We think of some of the famous rivalries that have struck up over fences like that of Homer and Flanders, or even at times Tim the Toolman and Wilson, it seems like our neighbours end up being our enemies a lot of the time! The video below whos an epic neighbourly dispute that results in some measured physical violence.

Credit: WSHH[/caption,]

We open in a block of apartments where a black guy has become involved in a dispute with his portly white neighbour. We are unsure what has transpired before the camera began to roll, however it has been reported that the white guy is a Trump supporter who has been spouting some racist remarks. This seems a little far fetched judging by how calmly he holds himself during their argument.

The two become close and closer, it seems that the black guy, who holds a beer bottle, already has a few under his belt. He stares directly into the white guy’s eyes daring him to take a swing at him when the white guys asks rhetorically whether he has to “sock him up”.

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As if the situation wasn’t going to come to a head, there are kids in the background of the scene who aren’t being rushed inside by responsible parents, rather are being allowed to not only watch on, but to egg the two men on to fight! The kids can’t be more than six years old but are already exposed to and have developed a desire for physical violence.

Then out of nowhere, the black guy winds up and delivers a blow to the white guy’s cheek. But it’s not a punch. We see on review that it’s a warning strike of sorts – an open-palmed slap. He gets him pretty well too. The white guy is pushed off balance by the blow and takes time to regain his composure.

Credit: WSHH

The black guy justifies his decision to slap the man by saying that his foot touched his. Reason to lash out? We’re not convinced!

Check out the footage on the player below! Did he go too far?