Former Boxing Champion Attacks Riot Police With Bare Fists

Former Boxing Champion Attacks Riot Police With Bare Fists

In case you have missed it, there have been eight waves of protests in Paris over the past couple of months. A group known as the Yellow Vests gained steam through a strong online opposition to government-imposed taxes on diesel fuel, developing an army of supporters. The price of diesel has risen by over 20% in the last year, which would be fine, if the government hadn’t pushed drivers to buy diesel cars a few years back. French president Macron says the move is designed to push people to more eco-friendly fuelled vehicles. The protesters say they can’t afford that.

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So over the past few months, there have been violent clashes with police that have seen tear gas deployed, burning cars and other typical riot-induced behaviours. One of the men to get caught up in the situation is none other than former French champion boxer Christophe Dettinger. Dettinger was the French Light-Heavyweight champion back in 2007-2008 and doesn’t look to have lost much of the fighting prowess that saw him finish his career with an 18-4-1, 7 KOs record.

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In two pieces of footage, we see some pretty hectic stuff from the Frenchman who vaults a barrier on a bridge to go hammer and tong at riot police in full gear. Dettinger wears gloves, but little else and he sets upon one particular officer, battering his shield and getting a few on the helmet. He single-handedly pushes the police line back along the bridge, allowing protesters to advance. Eventually tear gas has to be deployed to disperse the protesters.

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In another clip, Dettinger is seen assaulting a police officer who has fallen. Dettinger and others appear to kick the officer while he is down, amidst the blood rush. The incident which was captured on tape was reviewed by police who issued this solemn warning via Twitter:

Translated, it says:

Sir, you knocked a colleague to the ground. You have been identified. For a boxer, apparently you don’t respect any of the rules. You are going to learn those of the criminal code.


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Dettinger has since turned himself into police and has been detained. In a statement, he said:

“They stuff themselves on our backs but it is always us, the little people, who pay”

Dettinger says he is not an extremist, however, is protesting because he is concerned about pensioners, his children’s future and unmarried women.

Check out the two pieces of footage from the riots below.