WATCH: Jay Z’s Bodyguard Challenges Worlds Best Bareknuckle Boxer

WATCH: Jay Z’s Bodyguard Challenges Worlds Best Bareknuckle Boxer

Bare knuckle boxing is back in vogue after the recently-formed Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship became the first sanctioned bare-knuckle competition in the United States. It’s hard, it’s tough, it’s barbaric, and that’s why we love it. But prior to the formation of the championship, bare-knuckle boxing was still taking place, in underground fight clubs around the world. One of the best fighters in the underground scene was Bobby Gunn, a man who sounds like an overweight pornstar, but is anything but!

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Gunn started his amazing boxing career in the legitimate, gloved version of the sport. Turning pro back in the late 80s, Gunn amassed 11 wins for 2 losses before taking an 11-year hiatus. But no, Gunn was not on vacation. He was fighting in a different, more bloody, bare-knuckle competition. The 44-year-old remains undefeated to this day with 73 wins to his name.

When, in 2011, Gunna had an opportunity to fight a man with celebrity affiliation, he saw this as a chance to get bare-knuckle boxing on the map. The fighter he was coming up against was a former bodyguard for none other than superstar rapper Jay-Z. Ernest ‘Mine’s a Nine’ Jackson got his nickname by his preference for a nine-millimetre pistol strapped to himself as he carried out his protective duties however we are told it has other connotations as well. The fight had the desired result with millions of views being conjured up via underground and mainstream video platforms.

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The fight took part in a mechanic shop; the perfect background for a gritty, manly fight. The heavily pro-Gunn crowd was around 100 strong and in typical bare-knuckle fashion was slow to start. The devastating nature of bare-knuckle strikes means that fighters are more likely to exercise caution, feeling out their opponent before going for killer blows.

It wasn’t long before Gunn got the upper hand, showing his experience and hardened fighting brain.

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Check out the footage below.