Joe Rogan Wins Fight With Devastating Spinning Kick

Joe Rogan Wins Fight With Devastating Spinning Kick

Joe Rogan may have the gift of the gab, but what many don’t know about the UFC’s colour commentator is that the 51-year-old is also pretty handy as a fighter himself! As a 19-year-old, Rogan was a Taekwondo US Open champion and there are a number of videos on YouTube of Rogan in his younger years demonstrate and advocating for the use of the martial art’s techniques in wider MMA.

Credit: BJ Penn

In one such video, Rogan describes that because the rules of Taekwondo prevent kicks below the waist, there were a number of kicking techniques such as spinning, axe and sidekicks that were developed to give the sport depth. Rogan believes that these were not widely practised in MMA at the time and that they could be very advantageous to fighters looking for an edge.

Credit: Muay Thai Authority

But to go back to Rogan’s junior career and some pretty grainy footage in the clip below, we see a young, 20-year-old Rogan, wearing a beanie, not a helmet, engaging in a frame against another kid in a white helmet. The footage comes from the 1987 US Taekwondo Cup in Connecticut. This was back in the days before mandatory head protection and it pretty clear that Big Joe is highly revered by the other kid.

Credit: Daily Motion

It is not long after the referee calls the fighters together that proceedings are all over. Rogan turns his back and, expertly pivoting and executing a tremendous spinning back kick that just about spins the kid’s head clean off his shoulders. He falls to the ground and does not look in a good way. The only motion is the fluttering of his legs as the referee calls other officials in to assist.

Check out the amazing strike here: