WATCH: Khabib Pays Homeless People to do Push-Ups… And Laughs at Them

WATCH: Khabib Pays Homeless People to do Push-Ups… And Laughs at Them

Khabib Nurmagomedov is back in the limelight again. In the same week that the UFC lightweight champion’s showdown against former titleholder Conor McGregor was announced, a polarising video was posted by the star in which he, his brothers and other members of his entourage are seen giving money to homeless people. Sure, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, until you realise it not a straight act of charity, but rather that they are paying the homeless to do push-ups for their amusement.

There are multiple instances of the act in the now-deleted post. At one point, a homeless man who has already done a bunch of push-ups is taunted by a man believed to be Nurmagomedov’s brother as he holds out then retracts an indecipherable amount of cash. He then orders the man to drop and pump out a few more before he ‘earns’ the offered money.

It is one thing to give money to the homeless. Those whom are struggling and don’t pilfer away charitable money deserve the help they can get in order to return to their feet. No one could dispute this. But to prey on underprivileged folks solely for the amusement of those wealthy individuals on the giving end of the money is seen by most as a despicable act.

Supporters of the Russian champion have rushed to support the star, commenting that either those who oppose the video’s content are either overacting, need to lighten up or gain a sense of humour. But others have been quick and steady in their condemnation of the acts.

The rate at which despicable acts are brushed aside in the world these days will see this act likely archived in our minds sooner rather than later. People are still caught up in the wake of Nurmagomedov’s latest fight announcement and the banter that goes along with it. People are more concerned with who is likely to win the UFC229 bout than discussing the fighter’s lack of morals. Perhaps there is hope as we can only assume that he came to his senses and removed the post out of good conscience.

Here is the video here. What do you think? Is it okay to make fun of the homeless?

Yes, this is the same cousin who stormed the ring: