MMA Fighter Embarrasses Opponent By Taking Just 4 Seconds To Win

MMA Fighter Embarrasses Opponent By Taking Just 4 Seconds To Win

Whilst many MMA fans get caught up in the higher levels of competition like Bellator or the UFC, sometimes the smaller competitions produce some equally-enthralling battles. That could be because despite not being at the same level as top fighters, the combatants are at the same level as each other. They also possess classic necessary traits of aggression and drive but don’t have the patience and skill required to take on varied opponents like top-level pros.

Credit: Shamrock FC

Despite this, lower-level competitions are necessary for the berth and progression of young fighters as their progress from amateurs to professionals. Once such competition is the Missouri-based mixed martial arts company Shamrock FC. From humble beginnings in 1998, the company is now partnered with Strikeforce and broadcasts worldwide through networks associated with ABC in the United States.

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The recent 313th instalment of Shamrock was a hell of a fight night. There were three fights that ended within 30 seconds. A 28-second cracker saw ameteur Jake Wilson prevail and a mere 9 seconds was all Jacob Thrall needed to get the job done over Dillon Tolbert. But the knockout of the night was steeped in controversy.

Credit: MMA Fighting

Middleweight, Shane McKay clocked Carlos Santos within 4 seconds of the fight starting – the quickest end to a fight in Shamrock history. However, the quick exchange saw the referee dive in very quickly, almost instantly, Santos was back on his feet ready to go again. It did seem like more of a knockdown than a KO.

Jed Meshew from MMA Fighting said:

“On the one hand, anytime you get a four-second KO, it’s a good time; on the other, this one is kinda butt. We want our four-second KOs to be final and beautiful…not this kinda KO where the guy gets up immediately. It looks like Santos was just knocked over awkwardly and the ref was a little too gung-ho.”

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