WATCH: Retired Irish Boxing Lad Demolishes 15 Armed Turks Like An Action Hero

WATCH: Retired Irish Boxing Lad Demolishes 15 Armed Turks Like An Action Hero

Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, has been a seat of power for hundreds of generations. The Turkish capital has a rich history including one of violence which continues in various forms to this day. The clip below comes from 2015 when CCTV picked up an epic brawl outside a roadside shop in the city. The main protagonist of the fight was Kuwaiti born, Irish Citizen Mohammed Dobbous. Those who have seen the footage have marvelled at the unparalleled resilience and physical prowess displayed by Dobbous as he systematically took apart up to 15 armed combatants in the melee.

Credit: CEN

The clip opens with Dobbous, dressed in white, opening the door to a shop fridge, attempting to grab a bottle of water. He appears to be a trifle overzealous as he rips the door open and bottles of water spill all over the street. This prompted the shopkeeper to absolutely lose his sh*t, grabbing a pole and coming at Dobbous. Other armed shopkeepers enter the frame hurling chairs, striking and kicking at the huge man.

Remarkably, though, the blows seem to bound straight off him, no one can take him down. He grabs a hold of his attackers’ weapons and turns them back at them. Even when one appears to attempt to stab him in the neck, he manages to avoid and defeat the assailant. He is an absolute beast.

Credit: Mirror

The footage went viral around Europe and the world sparking widespread intrigue. Apparently, Dobbous received marriage proposals as a result of his notoriety and the footage even inspired a computer game called ‘The Irish Boxer’ featuring a man with a considerable likeness to the Kuwaiti-born Dobbous fending off attacks from shopkeepers.

You would not think it from viewing the footage, but Dobbous sustained multiple injuries in the attack including a fractured skull, a broken arm and shoulder. Dobbous was rushed to hospital some months after the incident when the fracture was discovered in a medical assessment.

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Dobbous fronted Turkish court over the incident, with prosecutors wanting to put him away for up to seven years. The Irishman referred to the melee as a ‘misunderstanding’ and he was acquitted in 2017.