72-Year-Old Bodybuilder Pranks Gym, Goes From Geriatric Mode To Beast Mode

72-Year-Old Bodybuilder Pranks Gym, Goes From Geriatric Mode To Beast Mode

Gyms can be funny. Despite the fact you have to go to the gym to become a bit of a rig, there’s a perception that people who don’t fit the mould of the chiselled gym-junkie don’t belong and that they’re a place for beautiful people who know what they’re doing.

It’s a great costume. Credit: Antena 3

Many people will tell you that perception doesn’t exist and it’s probably fair to say that as a general rule of thumb, it doesn’t. Generally speaking, people are awesome almost anywhere you go. Most people who frequent the gym also had to start somewhere and they’re usually pretty supportive of others who are only starting their journey.

Having said that, some things seem out of place in even the friendliest gym. Case in point: old people who look like they’ve just strolled in from a breakfast buffet at the local Sizzler.

He’s worried he’s about to be shown up. Credit: Antena 3

So when 72-year-old champion bodybuilder Rafael Vera decides to put on a fat suit, assume the role of a confused geriatric and take a group of friends to the local gym, you can bet the clientele are bemused, concerned and humoured by the septuagenarian’s dramatized attempts to use the weights.

Look how many of them it takes to hold it! Credit: Antena 3

When he hits the bench press, several of the regulars spot him out of general concern. After he struggles through his first weight – seemingly with their help – an ‘old lady’ from the group tells him to add more weight. You can see the genuine concern and baffled mirth from those who think they’ve been helping him.

The young dudes are wondering if he’s going to take their women too. Credit: Antena 3

Of course, Vera starts pumping the 94-kilo bench press with the effortless calm of a guy who clearly spends a LOT of time doing exactly that. The reaction from the guy spotting him as he realises he’s not needed is gold.

And now the women ARE wondering if he’s going to take them too. Credit: Antena 3

Cue a tonne more tricks, some competitive lifts – and some gymnastics to boot – and the regular’s interest has turned from concern to awe. That’s about the time Vera rips off the fat suit and reveals his slickly maintained rig to them all. Needless to say, they’re impressed. The rounds of applause prove it.

The vid’s in Spanish, but you’ll get the gist of it pretty quickly.