Cocky College Boy Threatens Legal Action Against Huge Bouncer, Gets Humiliated

Cocky College Boy Threatens Legal Action Against Huge Bouncer, Gets Humiliated

Nightclubs are places that bring together all classes of a city’s socioeconomic centres.

The downtown location of many hotspots means that they are easily accessible by people from both sides of the city and from all walks of life.

It generally takes a few weeks from a club’s opening for it to naturally determine its clientele meaning that certain people feel more welcome than others as they’re part of the same crowd.

This can mean that sometimes some of the more elitist and snobbish members of society feel they can exercise their perceived superiority over others and it’s wonderful when they are put back in their place!

You see, when people aren’t chilled out, it makes other people uneasy.

Some people just need to let social order take over.

If you are ejected from a nightclub for being too rowdy, cop it on the chin and move on.

Fighting or arguing with security staff has never come off in favour of the belligerent fools that try it on and everyone is better off walking away and continuing their night elsewhere.

Credit: Instagram / Rough N’ Rowdy

The kid in the collared shirt and black slacks is finding this out the hard way as the clip below opens.

He stands and argues with, comparatively, one of the biggest bouncers in the city. His high voice rings out over the ambient noise and is laughable when we see who he is talking to:

I should smash you across your f*cking face.

Credit: Instagram / Rough N’ Rowdy

His fighting words seem unlikely. The bouncer seems to be inviting contact as it is his ticket to clean this loudmouth up. “I wish you would,” he replies.

We speculate that this kid has had a silver spoon in his mouth from the day he was born as he tries to degrade the man who is three times his size and ten times as cool.

But he is still running his mouth:

Dumb-ass motherf*cker

You touch me again, you’re gonna regret it pussy.

The bouncer, demonstrating his prowess, toys with the boy throwing fake open hand punches either side of his head, confusing him.

All of a sudden he throws a huge move, catching the kid around the throat in the crook of his elbow. He uses the force to knock him backward and drag him away from the door.

It is a baller move that it a lot safer than striking with fists, demonstrating his professionalism under pressure.

Credit: Instagram / Rough N’ Rowdy

Check out the well-handled incident on the player below.

We'll give you one guess what this guy's father does for a living #RnR

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