What Max Holloway Told Joe Rogan Just Before Brian Ortega Stoppage

What Max Holloway Told Joe Rogan Just Before Brian Ortega Stoppage

Max Holloway continued his outstanding run at the top of the featherweight division in the UFC with a superb win over Brian Ortega at Scotiabank Stadium in Toronto over the weekend. The 27-year defended his crown for the third time and maintained his ranking as #5 pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

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Something that caught the eye of many viewers of UFC 231 was at the end of round 3. As the doctors assessed Ortega and gauged his ability to continue, Holloway was hardly focused, turning around to talk to Rogan who was sitting ringside in his commentary position.

“I told him, I was like ‘this is the round’”

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Holloway was not shy in bragging about things in victory leaping the cage and sitting on Joe Rogan’s desk nonchalantly as he informed both Rogan and the world that he was correct in his assessment of his victory. He had been apparently chatting to Rogan off the record in between multiple rounds to update him on how he was feeling.

The bromance is real, with Joe Rogan is real as the colour commentator referred to Holloway as the best of all time in his post-fight interview. However, Holloway was more humble in the spotlight saying:

“I still believe the greatest featherweight of all time is Jose Aldo. When I’m 30 or 31 or his age then you ask me if I’m the greatest featherweight of all-time if I’m still here.”

At the end of the day I just want to be the pound-for-pound No. 1, I’m the champion, and I keep defending my belt, I’ll be No. 1. If it’s up a weight class, it’s up. If it’s defending my throne. If I get to fight one of my good friends, ‘The Daddest Man on the Plant’ (Daniel Cormier) for that title, bring it on Kung Fu Panda. I’ve got you, ‘DC.’ I can see him very soon.”

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This tasty morsel about going up a division has been spoken about for some time. Dana White echoed the calls for Holloway to consider going up:

“Honestly, listen, Max is a grown man and I’d like to talk, but I’d like to see Max go to 155 now. The guy is 27 and going on 28 years old. He’s in the prime of his life, has never looked better, continues to improve with every single fight that he is in, and I think he has done everything he can do at 145.”

“Why keep cutting that weight? I think there are some big things for him at 155. If Holloway goes to 155. Every guy in the top five is a fun fight.

There’s a lot of fights for him at that weight. Every guy in that top five is an interesting, exciting fight for Holloway. That’s why I say there are bigger and better things for him at 155.”

Check out the post-fight scenes spliced in with Holloway’s press conference below.