Woman Punches Police Horse And The  Mounted Female Officer Is Having None Of It

Woman Punches Police Horse And The Mounted Female Officer Is Having None Of It

With a New Year, comes a chance to turn over a new lead and leave your old train-wreck of a self in the year gone by. The opportunity existed for the supposedly drunk woman in the clip below, but it seems her actions have gained worldwide attention, meaning she will find it hard to slip her new perceived horse-basher label. You see, on a New Year’s night out in Adelaide, this reveller got into an argument with police in the doorway of a pizza shop, and it got very nasty.

Credit: Seven News

When the woman in green refused to cooperate with police, they continued to argue, reportedly, causing the woman to lash out. But instead of punching an officer, as she is believed to have intended, she actually struck the police horse. Now equine officers are pretty well-trained to be able to deal with a fair bit before getting spooked, but the danger of spooking a horse, in a busy area, with a mounted officer onboard is pretty dangerous.

So the officer acts to quell the woman as quickly as possible so she doesn’t strike the horse again and cause a chain reaction. The mounted police woman grabs the woman by the hair before pulling her violently to the ground where other officers are waiting to apprehend her.

Credit: Seven News

Restaurateurs were treated to tableside entertainment as the woman was dragged screaming away from the scene. Two officers employed some controversially heavy-handed tactics on the unruly woman which caused a bit of backlash from mainly anti-police members of the community.

“I hope the officer did it so she didn’t get hurt by the horse, perhaps she could have apprehended her in a better way i’m not sure, but sure they know. I assume horses are trained well for those situations too.” said one.

It is understood that the woman was not charged for striking the police horse, despite the dangerous nature of her actions.

Credit: Seven News

Check out the crazy footage on the player below.