People Are Calling Him ‘The Worst Boxer In The History Of Professional Boxing’

People Are Calling Him ‘The Worst Boxer In The History Of Professional Boxing’

When a boxer makes their professional debut, they’ve generally already competed in the ring countless times. As a fighter works their way through the amateur ranks, they earn more and more experience to set them up for their first bout as a pro. Even then, it isn’t uncommon for a promising young professional to face a litany of challengers significantly less talented than themselves to help build up their record.

Sometimes though, these ostensibly easy fights give the prospect more than they bargained for, and the unfavoured opponent can pull off an upset on the promising upstart.

And other times, it becomes clear that they shouldn’t be in the ring at all.

Last night’s bout between Emmanuel Williams and John Rincon is being called the biggest mismatch in the history of boxing by bemused online commentators.

The fight saw 19-year-old Rincon, a lightweight prospect out of Texas, making his professional debut after success as an amateur, and his skills were evident to all watching. Williams however? Not so much.

The 20-year-0ld was also making his professional debut but looked like it could well have been his debut ever even participating in the sport based on how unaccustomed to the action he was.

Williams bounded around the ring looking quite the proverbial deer-in-headlights as he was being lit up by Rincon’s punches.

The skill disparity between the pair was so great that the fight was never going to go the distance and it didn’t take long before Williams had been grounded by a crisp left hook to the body that ultimately brought a merciful end to the contest.

While Rincon’s performance has made it clear that he is one to watch as he makes his first steps in the professional game, it’s clear that Williams has a lot to work to do before he reenters the ring.

The decision to even pair the fighters against one another in the first place is being widely criticised online. Social media users took to Twitter to express their bemusement that the fight had ever been made in the first place.