WWE in uproar over star forcing tampon down rival’s throat

WWE in uproar over star forcing tampon down rival’s throat

Professional wrestling has long had the ability to wow fans with acrobatics and superbly timed manoeuvres. But some audiences are looking for more than that. Upping the ante is exactly what Priscilla Kelly intended to do, and to be honest, probably achieved, with a confronting act at Suburban Fight in LA last month.
The clip below scores 10 out of 10 for creativity and 11 out of 10 for gross shock factor!

Kelly rose to fame through the award-winning TV show My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, where she, as a 14-year-old, was the subject of an episode depicting a young girl’ quest to find Mr Right. From there, as a 17-year-old pocket-rocket, Kelly made her pro-wrestling debut. Her persona has changed from a shy Gypsy Princess to a sexually charged goth, to a demonic goddess.

Credit: Diva Dirt

But in the interests of shocking audiences, Kelly’s performance at Suburban Fight hit the mark in a particularly disgusting manner. With her opponent, Tuna, laid out on a folding chair after being poleaxed by an in-form Kelly, the American halted proceedings, delivering a monologue of sorts. Her speech climaxed by her opening the top of her booty shorts and reaching inside.

Digging deep, Kelly retrieved what looked to be a saturated tampon. Kelly approached Tuna and shoved the thing into her mouth! Some members of the crowd recoiled in disgust, others cheered, and some applauded and laughed! The incident has since gone viral, drawing a mixed review from a wide audience.

“Road Dogg” Jesse James said:

“This stuff is the reason some people despise our industry. It’s got nothing to do with ‘taking life seriously’ it’s about dignity and a personal pride. She obviously has none!”

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But this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Back in the day, Joey Ryan was widely applauded for shoving a lollipop into numerous wrestlers’ mouths after pulling it out of his groin area. The double standard in reactions was not missed by the new queen of controversy as she tweeted:

“Hey guys. Ya know, it’s all fake. 21+ show with a bar. Can’t take life so serious all the time.

“A penis is funny and awesome. A vagina is disgusting and trashy. #Equality?”

Tommy Dreamer agreed via Twitter:
“Dear @priscillakelly_ I get it Its Mr.Socko female cousin Ms.Stinkflo. Whatever it takes to entertain. You my dear are HARDCORE.”

Credit: PW Unlimited

Check out footage of the mouthful below.